Professional Massage in a Relaxed Setting

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A Massage Therapist Specialising in Male Tantric Treatments, in Taunton, Somerset

Feel Your Troubles Melt Away

Allow me to treat you with a soothing massage that will make you feel blissful. By receiving a massage at my sumptuous studio, you will feel your stress disappear. As I work my way around your body using expert strokes and techniques, you will drift off into a state of serenity...

Contact me, a male massage practitioner, to learn more about my tantric massage treatments.


Enjoy enhanced wellbeing by taking time out of your schedule for a pamper session. 

At Massage By Paul, I am an experienced male massage practitioner performing treatments that make you feel relaxed. My name is Paul, and I have provided professional male tantric massage and aromatherapy treatments at my studio for more than 15 years. Located in my home, my tranquil treatment room is the perfect place to receive a massage in a calming environment. Of course, you always receive a private treatment, with complete discretion assured. Renowned for my exceptional reputation, clients travel from locations as far as Germany and Ireland to receive my massages. 

My prices reflect the quality of massage I provide, and my clients are always satisfied.